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Week 13: It's A Wrap
Spring season offers surprise ending
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Week 13: It's A Wrap

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image of Laura KatzIt's week 13, and time to wrap up our FML Spring season.

Who has the digital juice?

Ranking at #1 in the competition is Open League player I Luv FML!!! with Jenny Baird Records. The label was tied with stevemoose's glastonbury3 all season long, but I Luv FML!!! managed to pull rank at the last minute. The two held almost identical rosters, with Fergie putting Jenny Baird at the top with an average weekly of $36,286,154. In second place is the aforementioned glastonbury3 with an average of $36,273,077. Our #3 spot goes to Utop's 30 Seconds To Audio And Airwaves with $31,669,231; in 4th is MusicManiac's CDsCDs with an average of $31,347,692; In 5th place is magicman and Benz Rockin Bunions with $31,118,462, and our 6th-10th place winners are as follows:

6. Vasey RBR Records $28,600,769
7. stalefish stalefish records $27,967,692
8. NYCCntryGrl These Are My People $27,130,769
9. Jennifer My Pick $26,568,462
10. Michelle Hello Me Darlings $24,259,231

Be sure to scope out their loot in the 'prizes' time it could be yours!

Speaking of which...remember - all Open League Labels must be created before the first week's trade deadline of Monday, July 2nd at 12 noon pt.

If you haven't already, get your label setup to compete and claim your share of the $25,000 in prizes! In case you forgot, we award prizes for the top 20 players in the Open League and the top player in each qualified Mini-League. This makes it easier then ever to win in the Fantasy Music League.

Plus, you can play and earn some extra CASH at the same time! Talk about multi-tasking. Register your label and invite your friends to play. The my referrals link will give you the information required to invite friends. You'll earn cash on two levels of referrals. For each Open League Label from your direct referrals AND for each Open League Label their invites create.

Having second thoughts about your roster? Use the Summer 2007 Season Setup area to make as many artist switches as you'd like to your label for the next season.

But please remember, if your label's value goes over the $70 million salary cap, you must switch artists to bring the total value to $70 million or below. Labels listed in the Season Setup area have unlimited artist switches available and no restriction on resigning previously dropped artists. If your label is over the salary cap after the trade deadline of July 2nd, the computer will drop one, or more, of your artists, and you don't want that to happen!!!!!

Good luck, and have a great FML season!