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You can make serious NTR (non-traditional revenue) for your station, in the hundreds or thousands of dollars a month, when you become the exclusive station in your market for the Fantasy Music League. And you don't have to lift a finger to make it happen - we do all the work for you, plugging the Fantasy Music League content automatically into the pages of your existing website.

Here's a quick chart of how much money your station can make with the Fantasy Music League:
     Number of Listeners Playing     Yearly Revenue to Your Station
--------------------------- ------------------------------
30 $240.00
150 $1,200.00
300 $2,400.00
1,500 $12,000.00
3,000 $24,000.00
7,500 $60,000.00
15,000 $120,000.00
30,000 $240,000.00
150,000 $1,200,000.00
300,000 $2,400,000.00

The Fantasy Music League is the first online game from the minds of the people that brought you The Net Music Countdown. The Net Music Countdown is a weekly, 2-hour radio show, heard on over 70 FM radio stations across the country.

To create the Net Music Countdown each week, our internal chart management staff surveys the top 50 Internet sites that sell, stream, download or track usage of music on the Internet and on personal computers. Those sites include Amazon, iTunes, Radio@AOL, Gracenote/CDDB and others. That tracking is done on a weekly basis, and is published to the world as the NMC eTracks charts, covering pop, adult, alternative, urban and country music.

From those eTracks charts, we not only create the script and countdown for the show, but it also serves as the index for the Fantasy Music League: as artists move up and down the eTracks charts, their revenue to FML players increases or decreases.

Playing in the Fantasy Music League game is simple: players create a fantasy music label, sign up 10 artists, manage them as the season goes on, and play for their share of $25,000 in cash and prizes. Each season, a label costs the player $30 to play, and each artist switch beyond the 2 free ones they get cost $2. That's where the games income comes from - and you get a cut of every dollar your listeners spend.

How much revenue each month?

Did you know that CBS and Fox make millions of dollars each year with their Fantasy Sports games? It's true, and we believe that your station can bring in a serious amount of cash with a game that revolves around why your listeners are there to begin with: the great music you play.

As you can see by the chart above, a small percentage of your station's weekly cume playing the FML can contribute an incredible amount to your bottom line, as well as to your TSL as your listeners tune in for updates. And we welcome international, English-speaking stations as well (BBC Radio One, are you listening?).

How your station can play along

Your radio station can become a mecca for FML players as your market's exclusive FML Station, and can make a great deal of non-traditional revenue in the process - just tell your listeners to play the game, both on the air and on your station's website. Once they sign up, you make money on everything they do.

Here's how it works: a player sees a link on your station's website for the Fantasy Music League. They click on that link, and it takes them to a version of the game we create especially for you. The game includes your logo, your fonts, your colors and more.

You can get the Fantasy Music League one of two easy ways: by airing the Net Music Countdown, by offering the Net Music Countdown's daily NewsStream content on your station's website.

  • If you carry the Net Music Countdown, which includes 6 minutes of network commercials per hour, you get the NewsStream web content for free - and the FML along with it, also for free.

  • If you carry the NewsStream web content, you agree to run 12 minutes of commercial inventory each week (ROS, 6a-7p), and the FML is automatically included in the NewsStream web content package.

The Net Music Countdown radio show is appropriate for Hot AC and CHR/Pop and Bright AC stations. The NewsStream package is appropriate for any format: pop, adult, alternative, urban or country station website. And, we can accomodate group owners with multiple stations in a market - your group can corner the FML for your market before any other group grabs it.

Radio stations that take advantage of any of these options enjoy a 20% revenue share of all fees paid by your listeners to play the game. We create a custom version of the FML in your look and feel, and your listeners not only play against everyone in the League, they all get to play for a second level of prizes, against only other listeners from your area, in your branded Mini League, with cash and prizes just for them. We give you weekly promos to run on the air, David Lawrence is available to your station to discuss the weekly standings, and your station's listeners are glued to their radios each week to find out the results.

Become your market's exclusive Fantasy Music League Station now!

If you'd like to put substantial NTR in your pocket and give your listeners a great new way to keep your station at the top of mind, please contact us by using the form here - choose Affiliate information as the subject line, identifying yourself as a radio station manager, or call the affiliate team at United Stations Radio Networks at 212-869-1111 and ask for Affiliate Relations for the Net Music Countdown. Someone will help you right away.