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With other label owners

You can write other players via the messaging system built into the Fantasy Music League Site. You can also communicate on the various artist discussion boards. The FML Commissioner expects all communication, public and private, to courteous and respectful. The Fantasy Music League maintains a zero tolerance policy, and all rulings by the FML Commissioner will be final. If you threaten, harass, use profanity or in any way use language that is unbecoming a professional, you may be barred from play and will forfeit any fees paid for current play.

With the FML Commissioner

You may use the feedback page to send email to the FML Commissioner's office. All email will be read, and if necessary, you will receive a response within 24 business hours. If your communication is about an error on the site that needs correcting, we will do so without needlessly burdening your inbox with messages. Please keep your communications brief and to the point, as the Commissioner's office is a busy, busy place.

FML Rankings << | >> FAQ