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Every day, there will be new headlines, updates to artist values, and more for you to read on the Fantasy Music League site. Be sure to check each day to get new information that could help you gain an advatage over other players.

The screens that will be of most importance are:

Account Management

This is where you keep your account and profile information updated.

Label Management

This screen lists all your Labels and how they are performing, and allows you to create and edit new Labels. This is also the screen where you can roll over your label to a new season, edit your affiliation with our partners, and to begin the process of creating a Private Label.

Private Label Management/Tracking

Here's where you and other Private League players congregate, send each other messages, track their progress and manage the other details of the Private League. Your view will be different if you're the creator of the Private League than if you're a player in one.

Roster Management

Each Label will have a Roster Management screen that allows you to manage each label's roster, perform trades, track performance, audition artists and drill down to an artist's detailed data.

Artist Research

Individual artist screens that give a great deal of detail as to the past and current performance of an artist, links to their bios, news articles, official sites and their music.