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The third level of competition consists of creating private leagues amongst your friends, family, co-workers and colleagues. Using the Invite People to Play button, you can send email to any number of friends letting them know about the Fantasy Music League, and that you'd like to challenge them to play in your Private League. We pre-format an email to them, including your name, profile, and the label name and roster you've created. As soon as 9 other people respond to you and join the FML, you can form your Private League.

There are a couple of restrictions: your Private League, and all the labels in the Private League, have to be formed and finalized before the beginning of the new season for you to be eligible for any prizes for that Private League. Also, you can only be in one Private League with each of your Label: if you want to play in more than one Private League, you need to create and register a new Label for each Private League.

If you are the player that starts the league (by inviting your friends to join you), you get to name your Private League. Your Private League can be called anything you want (again, keep it clean), and only your players will have access to that Private League's stats and area via a password set by you.