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Prizes - Winter 2007
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You're not doing this for your health, right? Here's what you can win each season with the Fantasy Music League:

Open League

Grand Prize - for the Label that generates the most revenue during the 13 week season

- Video iPod: First, iPod put music in your pocket. Now it puts on a show. With support for up to 15,000 songs and up to 150 hours of video on a 2.5-inch QVGA color display, iPod gives you the ultimate music experience - sight and sound - in a lighter, thinner design. Available in classic white and dramatic black.

- $50 iTunes Gift Card

- FML Logo'd t-shirt

Second Place Prize

- iPod Shuffle: The size of a pack of gum, iPod shuffle weighs less than a car key. Which means there's nowhere your skip-free iPod shuffle can't go. And it makes a tuneful fashion statement. Just throw the included lanyard around your neck and take a walk.

- $30 iTunes Gift Card

- FML Logo'd t-shirt

Third to Fifth Place Prizes

- $30 iTunes Gift Card

- FML Logo'd t-shirt

Sixth to Tenth Place Prizes

- $15 iTunes Gift Card

- FML Logo'd t-shirt

Eleventh to Twentieth Place Prizes (yep, we're awarding prizes 20 deep on the rankings)

- Family Guy or Napoleon Dynamite RAZZ Headset for Mobile Phones

The Razz Headset allows you to bring you Family Guy or Napolean
Dynamite characters into your conversations, onto your outgoing voice
mail and leave messages for your friends.

The RAZZ is a fully functional hands free headset that is compatible
with every mobile and cordless telephone with a universal 2.5MM jack.
It comes preloaded with 10 audio clips from your favorite Family Guy
or Napoleon Dynamite characters. Adapotrs can be used for some other
mobile and home telephones.

Phonebites RAZZ Headset

* Universal 2.5mm which fits all standard mobile and cordless phones
* Proprietary inline module
* Premium quality microphone
* Ergonomic earpiece
* Scroll and push mechanism
* Metallic and black finish
* Unique packaging solution

Napoleon Dynamite clips: (Dance, Idiot, Heart, Sweet Bike, Lucky, Go Eat, ShutUp, Skills, Tina, Bass)
- or -
Family Guy clips:(Laugh, Martini, So Funny, Fudge, Who?, Your Face, Kick, Questions, Meatlog, Fart)

- FML Logo'd t-shirt

Mini League Winners

- US$100.00 in cash!
- 10-CD Hit Pack
- FML Logo'd t-shirt in each division

Private League Winners

- US$75.00 in cash!
- 10-CD Hit Pack
- FML Logo'd t-shirt

(New prize list starting with the Summer 2006 Season. Click here to view the prize package for Spring 2006.)