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Register as a player

All you need to register and create an account on the Fantasy Music League is your email address. Enter that, and we'll send you a confirmation email just to be sure that everything's spelled correctly, and you can receive email from us. Just click on the link in that email, and you're on your way.

(If you have any trouble receiving or replying to that email, you'll need to make some changes in your spam filters to let us through - we need to contact you from time to time.)

Once you respond to the confirmation email the FML sends you, you can complete your player profile, confirming your age, location and other contact information. We keep everything nice and private and never share your personal information with any third party companies.

When you're finished telling us who you are, you can immediately move to telling us who your favorite artists are - the ones you want on your label. Click below to continue the Quick Start Tour.