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After you've finalized your Label Roster in Week 1, you'll have two opportunities throughout the 13 week period to switch artists on your Roster. The most likely reason you'll want to do this is that the artist completely drops off the eTracks Charts and is no longer generating any revenue for you. You may also feel that there is another Artist you've had your eye on that you'd rather have under your purview. One very valid strategy of this game is to listen to the samples of the Artist's songs, and to judge for yourself whether or not that track will be successful enough to keep the Artist on the charts. Whatever the reason, you're given two free opportunities to make adjustments to your Label's Roster.

One very important rule to note is that once you've purchased an Artist, if you Switch that Artist for another, you cannot Switch for that Artist again during the season. In other words, if you decide that Hoobastank just isn't cutting it any more, you can Switch them for Yellowcard, but you can't later Switch any artist for Hoobastank. Once the season is over, Hoobastank becomes available for you to sign. Also, you can't effect a switch to a new genre - if U2 isn't working for you in Alternative, but it is in Hot AC, you can't switch genres and pick something new for your second Alternative artist.

Here's how to make your Artist Switches: decide which artist you are going to drop. Go to your My Labels page, choose the label you want to make changes with, then click on that label's name. Choose the artist you want to drop, and click on the Switch link to the right of the artist's name. You'll be presented with a screen that is similar to the screen you saw when you first signed your 10 artists. Choose the artist you want to switch to from the drop down menu, and click on the Switch Artist button. Then, confirm your choice by clicking the confirmation button.

The deadline for an Artist Switch to be reflected in your label performance for any week is Monday at noon Pacific time of that particular week. We show you a countdown clock on all pages of the site to let you know how much time you have. If you get your switch done by then, you'll see your new label roster and its revenue calculations 4 days later, when the eTracks charts are released that Friday at noon. If you miss that Monday noon deadline, your switch will then be effective for the following week.

It's important to check the eTracks charts as soon as they are released on Friday at noon. To play in the Fantasy Music League without wasting time and potential income, the 72 hours between the Friday release of the eTracks charts and the Monday deadline for changing your label rosters is critical. That extra week could work against you, and that delay is easily avoidable.

Official Ruling [1/2/05]: The Rules state that throughout the League season, once you sign an Artist and then later switch them for another, that Artist is no longer available to you for re-signing for the remainder of that League Season. You are, however, eligible to re-sign any switched Artists as of Monday noon Pacific Time, one week prior to the commencement of the next season, rendering all Artists available to all players. This ruling assumes that the signing of that Artist would be allowed under all other rules, and is effective for the Spring 2005 Open League Season.

Artist SwitchPacks

You may also purchase additional Artist Switches in the form of 5-pack Artist SwitchPacks. Each Artist SwitchPack costs you $10, payable via credit card, and allows you to switch out Artists 5 more times. If you purchase an Artist SwitchPack and you don't use all the Switches, you can roll them over into next season and use them then. An Artist SwitchPack is good only for the Label for which you purchase it.

You will be prompted to purchase an Artist SwitchPack only when you have no more Switches left, and you attempt to switch an artist for another.