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Spam is a horrible problem these days, leading your Internet service provider (or you, or both) to aggressively filter your email against spam. Unfortunately, the more aggressive the filter, the less likely you'll get legitimate email from the people you want and need to get email us. We send registration and Artist Switch confimations, your weekly standings in the Leagues, the latest headlines about the Artists on your Label Rosters, and even notifications when you win. You don't want to miss any of those.

You can make sure that every message we send to you gets to you by setting your email program to automatically allow us into your inbox. This is called whitelisting. Here are step-by-step instructions for whitelisting our domain,, for the most popular email programs. If yours isn't listed, let us know via the help form.
Microsoft Entourage for Macintosh

1. Under the Tools menu, choose Junk Mail Filter
2. In the text box marked "Do not apply to messages from these," add to the listed domains, separated with a comma
6. Click OK
Microsoft Outlook 2003

1. Under the Tools menu, choose Options
2. Click on Junk E-mail
3. Click on Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab
4. Click on Add
5. Type in the text box
6. Click OK
AOL Mail

1. Go to AOL Keyword: Mail Center, or the Mail Center online
2. Click on Address Book
3. Enter into your address book
4. Make sure you haven't excluded Internet mail or have disallowed all mail except from people you know at AOL Keyword: Mail Controls.

Yahoo! web-based email

1. With your browser, login to your Yahoo! email account
2. Click on Mail Options
3. Under Spam, click on Filters
4. Click on Add
5. Fill in the form as follows:
Filter Name:
Body contains: Office of the Commissioner
Move the message to: Inbox
6. Click on Add Filter
Hotmail and MSN web-based email

1. With your browser, login to your Hotmail/MSN email account
2. Click on Contacts
3. In the left column, click on Safe List
4. Type in the address/domain box
5. Click on Add
Again, if your email program isn't listed here, please let us know.